Home theatre – advantages and functions


Home theatre – advantages and functions

For many people, the subject of home cinema is still a book with seven seals. Do you want a rich sound for action movies, or do you want the bass to really pop during music shows? Or maybe you want brass, pop or folk music to have a full sound throughout the room? This raises the question of which device or system is best suited for your purposes. Let’s see if this question can be answered here and now, in this blog.

What is a home cinema?

Actually, you could define home cinema as a cinema for your home, which can reproduce that unique cinema feeling while watching DVD’s or BluRay’s. But it’s not that simple, because there are so many systems and variations now, that it’s better to find out what might be best for you via a forum or blog before you buy. Not to forget the price differences.

Actually, a home cinema consists of the following components, which are the basic equipment:

  • A DVD or BluRay player as playback device
  • An amplifier or receiver (AVR – the so-called control centre)
  • Speakers (at least 2 plus subwoofer)
  • A television set or beamer with an accompanying screen that should be adapted to the size of your room

With this, several sounds can be adjusted by remote control. The different sound of these household appliances, for example for movies, music or voice programs, is immediately noticeable. With a 5.1 sound system, you are virtually in the middle of the action, as the speakers are distributed throughout the room.
But, the real cinema feeling is only created when the picture, in addition to the improved and adapted sound, also appears in a better quality on a flat screen with HD or a screen. And this is where the search for the right system starts. If you still own an old CRT TV, the question of a home cinema system for BluRay does not even arise. These devices are not suitable for it because they cannot convert the picture to high resolution. Your TV must also have an HDMI connection.

The picture quality

  • If you want to save money, the most common home cinema systems for DVD players are the ones that offer the best value for money. They are available with several components and can therefore be easily upgraded. The picture quality is comparable to HD resolution and makes a huge difference.
  • More expensive, but with the very best quality in picture and sound, are the BluRay home cinema systems. These can also be upgraded. They convert the original picture in Full-HD (with 1080 pixels) or on a TV with Ultra-HD up to 3800 x 2160 pixels, so that in the end you can expect a crystal clear resolution. However, this depends on your TV set.

The sound quality

If you believe salespeople or trade journals, only an expensive component system with many accessories would be the real thing in the sound experience heaven. No! That is not so at all. If you were advised correctly and honestly, expensive home theaters would be sitting around on the shelves as slow sellers for a long time to come.